Reiki during

pregnancy and labor

Reiki is a form of energy healing and grounding. In reiki we focus on  what's going on in the inside (spiritually). Reiki during pregnancy can help the birth person explore their body and learn to listen along with trust what is going on in the inside. During labor it can help guide the birthing person spiritual energy along the birthing journey creating a peaceful, controlled, and trusting enviorment. 

How will reiki effect my baby?

Babies love reiki! Since during reiki positive  energy is transferred from birthing person to baby. It can give baby a more peaceful and build a deeper connection with birth person and baby. It helps bring stress levels down of both birth person and baby, so if a person is high risk constant treatments can help change the outcome.

Rules of Reiki?

Basic rules of reiki allows for us to ONLY  send POSTIVE energy. In fact a practiioner can not perform reiki unless the person recieving allow us to.

So let reiki guide you, your baby, and your enivorment!

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