Pregnancy and Birth Support

Vanna Package

Vinson Package

Birth doula service|

Birth doula support| 

  • Two in person meetings

  • three virtual meetings

  • unlimited phone calls/text

  • Support during labor and briefly after

  • breastfeeding support

  • Breast feeding meal plan

  • one prenatal massage

  • Birth Plan

  • Welcoming postpartum organized with familiy

  • One in person meeting

  • Three virtual meetings

  • unlimited phone|text support

  • Birth plan

  • Attendance to birth and briefly after

Soul package

Birth|Postpartum|massage|Birth photography| 

Taylored package

birth| postpartum|

  • two in person meetings

  • two virtual meetings 

  • two postnatal meetings

  • two virtual postnatal meetings

  • meal plan for breast milk production

  • breastfeeding support

  • welcoming baby coordination

  • unlimited phone and text support

  • attendance to birth and two hours after.

  • Four in person meetings

  • two virtual

  • Unlimited Phone calls and text

  • Breast feeding support

  • four prenatal massage

  • one postnatal massage

  • six postpartum meetings(day time)

  • welcoming baby coordination

  • in home meal prep prenatal and postpartum

  • attendance to birth and two hours after

  • Unlimited birth photograph and delivery video (digital)

  • belly casting and decorating

  • and much more

Virtual Doula  

Birth  | 

Get all the perks of a doula but completely virtual. 

  • Virtual meetings

  • custom birth plan

  • meal prep plans

  • pregnancy and birth support

  • two weeks of virtual postpartum support

  • and more

Call us today for pricing ! we have three doulas on our team and for our clients convince two of us will be meeting with you to be well equipped with your needs and concerns to better assist. 



                 Payment Plan options available,

          retainer fee due at signing of  contracts.

Lansing, IL, USA

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