The support you need doesn't stop at the hospital. A postpartum doula provide support in the days, weeks, months after welcoming your new bundle home. Offering guidance, advice, hands-on, non-judgmental support. You don't have to do it alone, call us today and customize your hourly package. We do not charge extra for multiples! 

Daytime: $25 an hour

Overnight: $30 an hour

What is a postpartum Doula?

A Postpartum doula is a person who:

  • Helps with cleaning

  • Help with sibling and family bonding

  • Perform in home breastfeeding support

  • Does light cleaning

  • Runs errands

  • Help create healthy sleep patterns between infant and parents

  • Provide holistic postpartum methods to promote healing among birthing person

  • Give you a worry free postpartum experience 

  • Help educate you

  • Support you judgement free

  • Help you understand your options

Lansing, IL, USA

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