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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of transforming plancenta into pills. This process can take two days and will allow for birth person to ingest. In many cultures this process is seen as honoring the placenta and provide a deeper connection with birth person and baby. Pills are completely tasteless. For individuals looking for alternatives other than pills, we offer smoothies, powder form, and chocolate bars.


  • cost:  $150

  • Averge of 100 pills depending on size of placenta


  • cost: 200

  • Average of 10 bars depending on size of placenta


  • cost: $100

  • 16oz jar depending on size of placenta


  • cost: $200

  • Average 35 days depending on placenta size

Would you like to learn Valencia's method in placenta encapsulation and smoothie making? Book your one on one class with her where you explore the placenta, master these methods, and build a knowledge base on the placenta. Classes are $300 and can be paid in installments. Email us today to grow your business and or start a stand alone placenta business today! 




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