- Hey Everyone, 

My name is Arielle. I am a new mother of a beautiful baby boy. This past year my life really moved fast - new home, new baby, and I got married! I had a doula during the end of my pregnancy and it was Phenomenal! She was with me every step of the way and she made me realize how much a doula is truly needed during those times. I had a FOUR day labor and knowing what I went through inspired me to do the same for others. Doulas are so overlooked and I plan to be like my doula was and stand out. My goal is to prepare my clients for any outcome and be there with my clients no matter what. 

- Hey I’m Jasmine.  

I am a fertility support specialist doula, I currently reside in the southwest Chicago area with my wonderful husband. I provide tons of support and information from the beginning to the end of your TTC journey hoping that it ends with bringing a beautiful baby into this world. I decided to become a doula - especially a fertility support doula - because I myself have gone through my own personal battles with infertility. I know the struggles that infertility causes on - both males and females - and I know the anxiety along with frustration that it can take on a persons mental, physical, and emotional health. I have learned that even the smallest vent sessions can help and just know you are not alone - I am here for you!

-Hello everyone!

My name is Valencia - I am a full spectrum doula, doula educator, and massage therapist. I like to bring both evidence based and holistic to my practice. Bringing these two aspects into place has allowed me to provide over the top care for my clients. Being a mother of two with one on the way and having two high risk pregnancies that both lead to c-section, has gave me the ability to not only understand the human body but also educate my clients on more than just birth but also mind, body, and spirit health. My mission is to support families no matter their odds and allow myself  to continue learning from my clients (because everyone is different) but also teach, support, educate, and advocate. 

Lansing, IL, USA

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